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Heating Controls

Heating Controls are number of components linked together to improve the temperature control we have over our home or office environments.

Contrary to some the "Myths" heating controls are not all about turning down the thermostat and "Making Do" with a colder uncomfortable living or workspace.

Heating Controls give us control over the comfort levels in our home or working environment, there are guides as to the ideal temperature for different rooms and offices however we must keep in mind that we are all individuals who have our own comfort levels.

How do heating controls save us money?

Like all heating system improvements there is an outlay however the pay back starts immediately and the bigger the heating system the faster the pay back as there are many forms of heat already in our buildings that a basic heating system can not measure.

For example most buildings will have the sun on at least one elevation during the day, this gives us Solar Gain which can be heat through the walls or windows, many light fittings, computer systems, cooking appliances etc provide us with background heat.

Eco Home Heating thank Danfoss for permission to use this excellent description of how heating controls can make our lives more comfortable.

Many of our heating systems started out life as solid fuel back boilers or cookers with integrated boilers that gave us very comfortable heat levels in the main living areas and back ground heat in what were once very cold bedrooms.

Today heating systems should be designed into the building at planning stage and due to Part L of the Building Regulations many are, unfortunately there are thousands of systems with inadequate controls either designed into the build or inherited from an older system.

The minimum heating controls we recommend are Thermostatic Radiator Valves, they can be easy to install and allow us to set our preferred maximum and minimum temperatures while our heating system is switched on.

A modern heating system should be zoned using thermostats, zone valves, a programmer, modulating circulating pump and boiler interlock.

Heating Controls can save a consumer 25% of the fuel they use for heating and deliver a more comfortable not colder home and working environment.

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