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Solar Panels

Solar Panels / Flat Plate

Eco Home Heating supply, install and service Solar Panels manufactured in Austria and Italy, different models are available to suit "In Roof", "On Roof", Flat Roof, Wall Mounted, and systems mounted on the ground.

The following is a section view of a Flat Plate Solar Panel.


1. Side rails / frame in copper anodized aluminium (may also be wood).

2. Back in aluminium 0,5 mm (can also be wood).

3. Sealing gasket in Silicone and EPDM

4.Tempered prismatic glass 4 mm thickness

5. Highly selective absorber surface in copper with Tinox coating

6. Rockwool insulation. 

The build of a Flat Panel can be different from the above image, for example many "In Roof" systems use wood as the side rails or frame because they are fully supported over the roof structure.

Solar is often referred to as carbon neutral with many making the point that the panel itself already has a carbon footprint.

Both points are correct ;

The Solar Energy required for the panel to work is carbon free (Sun light).

The energy required to manufacture the panel creates a carbon footprint, however on average a quality solar panel will "Offset the carbon footprint" within approximately 6 years of use providing hot water.

On-roof versus in-roof

When considering whether to go for an on-roof or an integrated in-roof solar panel installation, the following should be considered:


The panel is fitted on top of the existing roof, using special brackets.

Usually cheaper to install, the panel stands approximately 60mm off the roof and not flush with roof finish, considered the ideal retrofit system for tiled roofs.


Tiles or slates have to be removed and the panels fitted on the existing roof structure. The panels are fitted flush on the existing roof structure allowing the weight to spread over a wide are and becoming an integral part of the roof.

The finish can look better than “On Roof” systems and are considered the best way to fit a flat panel system when used with a quality flashing system.

Flat Plate or panels can also be mounted on gable walls, flat roofs, even in the garden.

The sun never sends a bill so start saving by investing in one of the top Renewable Energy Systems for your Home, Office, Factory, Hotel or Retail Outlet.

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