Gas Boilers

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Power Flushing

Power flushing heating system is now a warranty

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Solar Tubes

Solar Evacuated Tubes

Eco Home Heating Contractors supply, install and service solar systems manufactured by Kingspan Thermomax.

There are many three and four bedroom homes in Ireland with 2 > 3 people living in them, the majority of their hot water needs can be met installing the Thermomax HP200 20 tube heat pipe system.


Some already have insulated hot water cylinders which means we can use a heat exchanger instead of replacing the cylinder.

High Output Systems

CPC Solar Systems

The CPC (Compound Parabolic Concentrating)  systems combine the best of available technologies today, any product which has 75% of the market in Germany deserves more than just consideration.


They use the evacuated / vacuum tubes with "U Tube" collector pipes and have a reflective base which reflects the suns rays to the collector even when the panel is not directly facing the sun.

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