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Wood Gasifiers

Wood Gasifiers are suitable for logs with a moisture content of 20% or less, they are also known as inverted burners because the wood gas is drawn down into the burn chamber where it wraps around the boiler at temperatures of up to 1000°extraflame_TC30_boiler

The TC 30 is a combined wood pellet and wood gasifying boiler, which is ideal for the person who may be very busy and can not always be home to add logs to the boiler in which case the wood pellet section can be set to take over providing heat automatically.


While systems like the TC 30 appear to have every convenience many customers prefer to add two seperate boilers a wood gasifier and a separate wood pellet boiler or even condensing oil boiler as back up.

Eco Home Heating have developed a controller that will call on the back up boiler in the event of the gasifier requiring re-fueling when nobody is home or it is not convenient to fuel the boiler.ecomax_wood_gasifying_boiler


Ecomax and Atmos Boilers tend to be the preferred option chosen by customers who wish to use a wood gasifier.

The features most requested are

Easy to operate.

Large firebox for bigger logs.

Easy to clean.









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