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NBE Wood Pellet Boilers

Eco Home Heating, install, and service the Scotte, Biocomfort Kedco X and Woody pellet burning systems which are used in the OPOP, Dor Kedco, and Woody range of boilers as can be seen in the video.opop_wood_pellet_boiler

The Opop 430 pellet fuel boiler also known as Kedco X works in a manner that is completely different to the old type oil or gas boilers, instead of working in "Start / Stop" cycles they modulate using a 100 step program.

When the control panel receives the message that the boiler has reached the set temperature it begins to step back thereby using less fuel as it continues to supply the set temperatures to the radiators (or underfloor heating) in your home.

The burner will change output with each step back saving more fuel as your home reaches the desired temperature until it reaches a point where the burner will revert to "Pause Fire" or it can go to sleep depending on the configuration programmed to suit your needs.

This means that the system runs with an output which is equal to the actual consumption. This way the many stop/starts which characterise an oil burner are avoided. The electrical ignition and modulating operation mean that the pellet burner can run with optimal efficiency all year round.

NBE manufacture the following brands of Wood Pellet Boilers, Opop, Dor, Scotte, Biocomfort, Kedco.





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